Books I am Reading On Boy Bands

Two books side by side about Boy Bands. One is pink with cartoon pictures, the other is green with a picture of the Beatles

Two books have surfaced for me as essential to begin my research project on Boy Bands and ultimately becoming a boy band myself. First, “Larger Than Life: A History of Boy Bands from NKOTB to BTS” by Maria Sherman and Second “Boy Bands and the Performance of Pop Masculinity” by Georgina Gregory.

“Pop Masculinity” refers to boy bands as having an “unthreatening version of masculine identity” (Introduction page 1) which is interesting to me, when I think about something that becomes popular. What is the connection between threat and popularity?

“Larger Than Life” says that “Outside of the Christian Religion, and its gospels and spirituals meant to venerate God, the secular male vocal groups that most resemble modern boy bands arrived in the form of barbershop quartets”. (page 2).

To me this compares boy bands to something that is meant to venerate God. So what is the connection between barbershop quartets, gospels, spirituals, and boy bands?

I will be working through these books to research for my dance solo project “One Human Boy Band”.



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